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US and North Korea – for the President, nothing trumps Trump

Donald Trump’s diplomacy with North Korea shows the hollowness of his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”. Rather than serving his nation’s interest, the former reality TV star is using the presidency to stroke his ego.

Christiane and Selby finalists in the student Walkleys

31 May 2018

Two of Monash University's outstanding journalism scholars have been named finalists in the prestigious Walkley Student of the Year award. Christiane Barro, who won last

A different Lens: Exposing modern slavery

16 May 2018

Our Dean of Arts, Sharon Pickering features in the latest Different Lens on modern Slavery. Slavery isn’t something relegated to the past. It’s happening today, and it’s

High achieving arts students celebrated at Monash Arts Awards 2018

10 May 2018

High achieving students from across the Faculty of Arts were celebrated this week at the annual Monash Arts Awards ceremony, showcasing the outstanding academic talent within

Have you let your mind wander today? Philosophy academic says it might be worth it

18 Apr 2018

Recent research shows that we spend up to half of our waking lives mind-wandering, or lost in spontaneous thoughts, daydreams or fantasies that have little or nothing to do

Talking about time: linguist Dr Alice Gaby takes a look at ‘space-time mapping’

27 Mar 2018

While for English speakers the past is ‘behind us' and the future ‘in front', linguistic researchers understand there are also languages where the past is in front

Monash journalism alumni, students win seven Quill Awards

17 Mar 2018

Monash students and graduates showcased their journalism excellence at the 2017 Quill Awards at Crown on Friday night, winning seven categories. "So many Quills Awards

Unlocking the fear and myths around ‘African gangs' in Melbourne

16 Mar 2018

Australia presents two contradictory faces to the world – two opposing myths, says Alan Gamlen, Associate Professor of Human Geography at Monash University and member of

How women can build a safer world

07 Mar 2018

GPS's Professor Jacqui True recently co-facilitated an Australian-led dialogue in Indonesia on the theme of building government and civil society partnerships to implement a


Rick Qi wins prestigious Humanities Travelling Fellowship

13 Jun 2018

Dr. Lintao (Rick) Qi has been awarded an Australian Academy of Humanities Travelling Fellowship to pursue his research

Creative Lives: A South Asian Diaspora Interview Series

07 Jun 2018

The South Asian Diaspora International Researchers’ Network is proud to announce the progress of its exciting project:

Panel event: Domestic Violence, Police Accountability and Women's Criminalisation

06 Jun 2018

On Friday 22 June MGFV's Professor Jude McCulloch will be joining a panel of expert speakers including Louise Taylor,

Indigenous Studies Centre Phd alum wins prestigious Holman Medal

14 May 2018

The prestigious Molly Holman medal for an Arts PhD thesis was recently awarded to Monash Indigenous Studies Centre

BOb Submission to Inquiry on Migration Review Processes Associated with Visa Cancellations Made on Criminal Grounds

03 May 2018

The Federal Government recently announced an inquiry into the visa cancellation review process for those who have their

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