Accolades for ANZAC historian

on-dangerous-ground-196x300The Australian Fellowship of Writers has honoured Monash historian Professor Bruce Scates for his recent recreation of the Gallipoli campaign On Dangerous Ground : a Gallipoli Story.

Professor Scates' novel explores the politics of remembering and forgetting war and was released by University of Western Australian Publishing las year.  

The book has been commended by the judging panel for its courageous fusion of literature and history. This year marks the 23rd anniversary of the Christina Stead Award, one of the leading literary prizes in Australia.  

Bruce Scates — On Dangerous Ground: a Gallipoli Story

On Dangerous Ground is a hybrid of history and fiction from one of Australia’s leading historians. Moving between the historical realm and the world of the imagination it recreates the most dramatic moments of the Gallipoli campaign in the Great War. It is about unresolved loss, the need to know, and a story of reconciliation that bridges countries and generations. Fusing literature, fiction and history, On Dangerous Ground journeys across a real and imagined landscape, empowering voices and lives too long locked in the archives.

Bruce Scates is a prize-winning teacher, historian and storyteller. He is based in the National Centre for Australian Studies at Monash University.

On Dangerous Ground: A Gallipoli Story is available now from UWA Publishing.

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