Arts Research Council Linkage Success for Kokanovic

Associate Professor Renata Kokanovic, Monash Fellow and sociologist of health and illness, is the latest Faculty of Arts researcher to meet with ARC success.

The recipient of a Linkage Project grant, she will lead the project ‘Options for supported decision-making to enhance the recovery of people with severe mental health problems’. This project will examine the views of people with severe mental health problems, carers and mental health practitioners concerning appropriate supports for making treatment decisions.

The project will produce an internet-based resource and training materials that explain supported decision-making and how it can contribute to the process of recovery.

Associate Professor Kokanovic will be working closely with a team comprised of researchers from Monash University and the University of Melbourne, as well as partner investigators from Neami Limited, the Victorian Mental Health Carers Network, the Victorian Department of Health, the Victorian Mental Illness Council, Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria and Mind Australia.

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