BEOWULF: Old Words/New Ideas – Research Seminar

Next Monday, 2nd October, Felix Nobis, Deputy Director and Senior Lecturer at Monash Centre for Theatre and Performance will hold a Research Seminar at the Performing Arts Centre, speaking about Beowulf: Old Words/New Ideas.

Felix says of this work…

The only known manuscript of the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf, is just a little over a thousand years old. What on earth could anybody still have to say about it? As I turn fifty it is with shock that I realise this ancient manuscript is only twenty times older than me.

My relationship with the poem changes constantly in ways I could not have predicted when I first encountered it as an undergraduate student.

But how do we identify, measure or record newness in this ancient work?

As the world changes at great speed, the BL Cotton Vitellius A XV MSS changes much more slowly under glass in the British library.

Perhaps newness should not be sought in the document at all, but in the relationship it effortlessly sustains with the new world it inhabits.

This paper looks at what inter-disciplinarity might potentially mean in relation to this great work.




Monday 2nd October. 12noon – 1pm

Rehearsal Room @ Performing Arts Centre, Monash University, Clayton campus

Light lunch provided. ALL welcome




Deputy Director and Senior Lecturer at Monash CTP, he is also a playwright and actor. In 2000, his ‘performance translation' of Beowulf was published by Bradshaw Books. He has toured the translation as a one-person show on and off around Europe, USA and Australia since then.