BOb at the UNESCO Chair & Institute of Comparative Human Rights International Conference, USA

HumanTraffickingPicture-300x186Marie Segrave was invited to present at the 15th Annual conference focused this year on Human Trafficking, Forced Labour and Exploitation, held at the University of Connecticut on October 21, 2015. Other invited speakers included Dr. Aidan McQuade, CEO of Anti-Slavery International and Ms. Gaynel Curry, Gender and Women’s Rights Advisor, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. The conference sought to bring together students, researchers, policy makers and the community to learn how they can act in partnership with others to combat this issue. Marie spoke about the Australian response to human trafficking and raised a number of challenging questions for the international community about the way forward in the area of human rights law, human trafficking and the intersection of migration and labour policy and practice.

The conference brought together a truly international panel- with speakers also from the Philippines, Malaysia, Belarus, and South Africa and Kenya in addition to panelists from across the USA. The perspectives shared were diverse and not always in agreement, reflecting the debate and discussion happening in this area locally and internationally.