BOb submission to NSW Legislative Council Select Committee on Human Trafficking

BOb researchers Associate Professor Marie Segrave (Monash), Professor Sharon Pickering (Monash) and Dr Sanja Milivojevic (LaTrobe) have recently drafted a submission to the NSW Legislative Council Select Committee on Human Trafficking's inquiry into human trafficking in NSW. They have presented a series of six recommendations to the Committee for consideration which include a national consolidation of the response to human trafficking; a call for independent research on the complexities of human trafficking in NSW and Australia as a means of providing accountability and transparency to anti-trafficking efforts; a mechanism for renumeration and compensation for victims of trafficking; protection avenues for unlawful non-citizen victims of trafficking; federal reform to the current anti-trafficking strategy with leadership; and, definitional clarity to identify human trafficking within and outside of NSW.

Segrave, Pickering and Milivojevic are academics specialising in human trafficking, irregular labour and migration with over 20 years of experience in this area. Their submission brings together their extensive published and ongoing research in the area of human trafficking, unlawful migrant labour exploitation, and the impact of border control in Australia and internationally.

The submission can be viewed here and is available on the Committee website here.