Bree Carlton and Marie Segrave accept prize for best article in ANZ Journal

Dr Bree Carlton accepted the Allen Austin Bartholomew Award 2017 at the ANZSOC annual conference in Canberra last week on behalf of herself and Associate Professor Marie Segrave. Their co-authored article “Rethinking women’s post-release reintegration and ‘success’”, published in volume 49 of the ANZ Journal of Criminology. The Bartholomew Award is awarded annually for the best article published in the journal. The decision is based on the originality of the article, content, approach, the quality of the writing in relation to argument and structure, the strength of the evidence relied on, and the ambition of the topic in terms of overall contribution to criminology.

The article challenges assumptions embedded in correctional policies and discourses about women's imprisonment and their release, such as the misconception that imprisonment is a discrete episode in women's lives, and argues against reliance on insensitive performance indicators to assess women’s post-release experiences.  

The paper was the penultimate piece in a series of articles published by Bree and Marie on different aspects of the Surviving Outside project. The authors also produced Women Exiting Prison in 2013 through Routledge, which was an international collection examining the rise of gender responsive correctional reforms. 

Bree and Marie’s work demonstrates the need to focus on the structural barriers to women's and men's survival on release and they hope it will lead to much-needed research across all Australian states.  

Information about Dr Bartholomew, a former President of ANZSOC, and first Editor of the Journal is available here.