Bright ideas at the Arts Delineator: encouraging start-ups and entrepreneurship


There was a real creative buzz in the room at today's ‘Delineator' session at Monash Arts, a 3-hour workshop facilitating start-up and entrepreneurship ideas.

Over 20 students came along to find out how they could pitch five interesting start-up concepts in just a few hours, guided by Laura Faulconer from The Generator, a Monash team set up to encourage and facilitate entrepreneurship success.

Laura got the ball rolling by sharing a few ideas she has had recently, explaining that the best ideas often come from a personal ‘point of pain'. For Laura, a recent overseas holiday  made her think about how things could be done better when she was stuck in an endless airport check-in queue with her three young children.

Robin Chacko (Arts Internships) and Laura Faulconer (The Generator)

Robin Chacko (Arts Internships) and Laura Faulconer (The Generator)

Laura said, “Ideas are a dime a dozen, its the work that goes into developing those ideas that really adds value.”

Encouraged to be fast and free with their concepts, Arts students showed that the sky was the limit for their creative ideas with everything from wireless power to high-heeled shoes that convert to low, lunchboxes with inbuilt heaters/coolers to tinder for tutoring, second-hand clothes share/hire to a real-time sign language app.

Congratulations to everyone who came along to ‘think out loud' and participate in the Delineator.

All Monash students and staff are also encouraged to enter the Pitch Originator Start up Competition (entries due 18th August) and to check out the Motivator Lecture Series.

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