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Justice and the internet: the rise (and risks) of the online vigilante

Dr Lennon Chang is interested in modern-day internet vigilantism, which is common in most countries but rife in Hong Kong, Taiwan and, particularly, China. The phenomenon plays out when internet users – or “netizens” – empowered by the reach of search engines, forums and social media, try to solve crimes or misdemeanours themselves, online, without seeking help from the relevant authorities such as the police.

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Focus on Fortnite’s violence is masking a deeper problem

There nothing especially surprising about the Fortnite controversy. The massively popular online survival game has prompted concern in Australian schools, who associate it with bullying, abuse and aggression. On the other hand, commentators have also observed it’s these fears that really threaten to hurt the young. Andy Ruddock says the problems run much more profound.

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