Confluence of India dance performance delights Monash audience

L-R: Dr Adrian McNeil, Dr Mridula Nath Chakraborty, dancer Bijayini Satpathy, Consul General of India Manika Jain, and Adrian Gertler.

Monash University was pleased to be part of the second annual Confluence Festival of India in Australia.

The festival once again presented a colourful and collaborative tapestry of  diverse dance, music, theatre and visual arts from India.

A sold out solo performance of Ansh, by Nrityagram’s dance doyenne Bijayini Satpathy, saw the capacity audience enjoy a stunning display of Indian classical dance. The show, at Monash, was choreographed by Surupa Sen and attended by Consul General of India Manika Jain.

Confluence means a coming together of people or ideas, flowing together like two rivers do when they merge. The festival is a recognition and celebration of India and Australia’s rapidly developing relationship aiming to foster local community connections and enhance the existing strong cultural bonds between India and Australia.


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