Ideas for a Better World, WorldMUN 2013

WorldMUN 2013 logoMonash University and the Faculty of Arts were major sponsors of the Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) which was held in Melbourne in March 2013. This was the first ever WorldMUN to be held in Australia.

Two thousand young delegates from over eighty countries discussed, debated and shaped ideas for a better world, showing passionate support for ending world poverty, reducing the effects of natural disasters and promoting peace a security.

Simulating the UN, student delegates confronted diverse topics such as foreign military bases, territorial disputes, endangered languages, the role of ethnic minorities in economic development, exploitation of migrant workers, foreign mining interests and renewable energy incentives.

Over the five days, participants gained experience in contemporary international politics, international relations, diplomacy and the inner workings of the UN. Finally passing a Declaration on the future of the Millennium Development Goals.

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts Professor Rae Frances was greatly encouraged by the quality of thinking and the energy delegates brought to the event.  

“At Monash we see a brighter future as more than just possible—it is something for which we are directly responsible; something we can help to create,” Professor Frances said. “This is a philosophy with many parallels to the ideals which guide WorldMUN.”

Students in Arts at Monash University get many opportunities to explore ideas such as these, and to engage in studies that will prepare them for a future where they will make a difference. 

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