Internship Projects with the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure: 6 Projects

Exciting opportunities are available currently for Monash Arts students to gain some valuable work-experience with the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure.

Internship Period: Summer

Time Committment: January- March (Flexible)

Project 1


Regional Economic Profiles update

This task is to update and synthesise the transport evidence base relating to public transport service provision and patronage, traffic counts, taxi and freight information in each region of Victoria.

Brief description

The regional economic profiles provide a consistent contemporary evidence base on the factors that influence transport demand.  The profiles guide strategic work and support investment decisions in the regions by Regional Development Victoria and other Victorian Government staff.  The profiles have been designed to focus on factors contributing to the growth performance of the region, and help identify strategic options to accelerate regional growth.

The profile begins with an overview of the economic development in the region and how the key features of the economy have evolved.  It then provides an overview of trends in headline growth performance, structural shifts in industry and employment, along with information on travel patterns and how they have changed.


– Review and update service information by Public Transport Victoria (PTV) and VLINE

– Extract traffic counts information and update existing tables and maps

– Collate patronage data for Rail and Bus from PTV

– Comment on changes over the last five years and differences between the regions


Presentation covering patronage and traffic counts for the eight regions

 Project 2


Performance Measurement relating to the taxi industry

This task is to prepare an audit of existing information and identify potential new sources of data to assist the Taxi Services Commission in monitoring performance.

Brief description

The recently formed Taxi Services Commission is in the process of developing indicators to evaluate the strategic directions, objectives and anticipated outcomes of the taxi industry in 3 to 5 years relating to the following:

•             Influencing Portfolio strategy through stakeholder engagement

•             Industry regulation & safety as part of the transport system

•             Standards for innovative and customer focused industries

•             Support services to improve mobility and access


– Audit what information currently exists and identify gaps

– Review other datasets and identify possible indicators

– Report on the gaps and possible outputs (what information feeds into which performance measure)

The audit would require collating detailed information/metadata relating to the title, description, subject, organisation, creator, date, type, access rights, audience, aggregation level and source


Report detailing metadata for the indicators on taxis

  Project 3


Transport achievements database – collation & summary of patterns 

The task is to produce a snapshot (1-2 page) for each Victorian region and transport mode relating to projects, status, committed funding etc to highlight the initiatives underway or completed in the region.

Brief description

Earlier in November, DPC launched the website “Moving Victoria”.  The website records and maps significant transport projects (around 250 projects) over the past four years across all of Victoria.

Currently we are working closely with agencies (VicRoads, PTV, TSC, TSV and VicTrack and other parts of DTPLI such as TPCD and FLAM) to collate a more expansive list of transport projects, both completed and underway.

There are expected to be more than 2,000 projects listed.  The listing will break down major programs or large projects into their component parts, but will also allow them to be reported as a group.


– Contribute to the database update as needed (new records and modify existing records in relation to classification)

– Review the data by region and transport mode to create summary reports on type of projects, status, committed funding etc


Fact sheets for each region

 Project 4


Updating of Transport evidence base

This task is to assist in collating and formatting data relating to transport so that it can be easily accessed by a range of stakeholders through the Victorian Transport Statistics Portal ( and other mechanisms.

Brief description

To help inform and guide the transport story across the state various datasets are extracted and collated at various geographies.  Datasets range from the ABS Journey to work, DTPLI’s VISTA Survey and other datasets relating to vehicle ownership, house prices etc.


– Extract datasets from ABS website, VISTA database and others as needed

– Format the data for uploading purposes

– Upload the data into various databases

– QA data for the MPS regions and assist with summarising key information on these datasets


External website is uploaded with up to date and accurate data

 Project 5 


Spatial reporting of freight movement in the regions

The task is to update and synthesise the transport evidence base in relation to freight in Victoria’s regions.

Brief description

Understanding how the freight network operates in the regional areas of Victoria helps inform the growth of the region. Freight is a vital part of the evidence base for regional economic profiles which have been prepared by the Victorian government to provide a consistent contemporary evidence base to guide strategic work and support investment decisions in the regions.


– Extract truck counts information and update existing tables and maps

– Create maps by overlaying the principal freight network, major highways and reviewing the major industries in the LGAs

– Consult with staff in the freight area to incorporate refinements


Document  covering freight information for the eight regions

 Project 6


Audit of Freight information / Ports Performance Monitoring

This task is to undertake a data audit of information relating to freight transport, freight system performance and demand including port performance.

Brief description

The freight area has administered various ad-hoc surveys and collated data from various sources over the last eight years.  The status of previous data collections (such as OD surveys, LCV video surveys etc) needs to be reviewed and an audit of the information gaps is required.


– Interview key personnel to identify potential data sources

– Review  existing reports to identify collected data and

– Obtain copies of data and  create a detailed metadata report – such as title, description, subject, organisation, creator, date, type, access rights, audience, aggregation level and source


Brief report outlining data available using metadata to highlight the status and applicability of the information



1. The students should meet the eligibility criteria to enrol in ATS3129 Arts Internship unit (completed 96 CP and have a distinction average)

2. Students from the following Areas of Study:


1. The students should enrol in APG5763 – Sustainability internship

For PG queries contact: Dr Libby Porter

2. Students from the following Areas of Study:

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