Jake Sturmer, ABC News, wins EU Qantas Journalist Award

Winner of the 2013 EU-Qantas Journalist Award is Jake Sturmer, National Science and Technology Reporter for ABC News, Sydney.  Jake's project is entitled “Moving through the fog: Innovating a way out of Europe’s congestion crisis.”

Jake's winning proposal was announced on 26 June at the National Press Club by Andrea Nicolaj, First Counsellor of the European Union Delegation.

Mr Nicolaj said “This year's winner has chosen a subject fundamental to the development of the EU and its single market: transport. The quality and cost of transport services have a major impact on the ability of business to compete, on economic growth and on quality of life. Transport is fundamental to a more efficient European economy. The Award winner will investigate the question of whether Europe will again be able to innovate itself out of a congestion crisis through new technologies.”

My proposal is to investigate the science and technology options available to the European Union to try to ease the pressure on its roads, railways, airports and waterways” said Jake Sturmer. “This is a particularly relevant issue in Australia, with the consideration of very high speed rail across the east coast and congestion in major cities significantly increasing.”

Mr Sturmer will visit EU headquarters in Brussels as well as a number of European capitals later this year.  

Accepting the Award, Jake Sturmer thanked Qantas, the National Press Club and the European Union Delegation for making this award possible.

The EU-Qantas Journalist Award began in 1992 and is conducted by the Delegation of the European Union in Canberra in conjunction with the National Press Club.

Qantas has, since the Award's inception 21 years ago, sponsored the Award with a business-class return airfare to Europe.  The Award consists of a three-week study tour of EU institutions and up to three Member States.

The Award was introduced back in 1992 and is one of the initiatives the European Union Delegation undertakes to help create a better understanding in Australia of EU affairs. We aim to give Australian journalists first hand experience in covering European issues.”  said Andrea Nicolaj.

More information on the award is available at the Delegation website.  

Jake Sturmer's successful application pdf - 647 KB [647 KB] .

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