Master of Communications and Media Studies graduate Jason Ng

Master of Communications and Media Studies graduate Jason Ng

Jason Ng is a recent graduate of the Master of Communications and Media Studies degree. Jason talks about the valuable industry insights he gained through field trips, and how the opportunity to do an extended research thesis ultimately led him to follow a path in academic research.

Gain insights from industry through field trips

Jason had the opportunity to see the media industry first-hand through a field trip to Sydney. He and his fellow Master of Communications and Media students visited DMG Radio Nova, Foxtel Television Centre, the ABC, Fairfax Media, and The Australian/Daily Telegraph, as well as think-tanks like the Centre for Policy Development.

“I remember quite vividly going to the ABC and talking to (ABC journalists) Andy Nehl, Steve Cannane and Tom Tilly,” said Jason.

“We went over a brief history of journalism, radio and television, in regards to the changing media landscape and how contemporary digital communication has restructured the industry.”

These insights from working journalists got Jason thinking about the Australian media and communications landscape, and made him realise that he was interested in doing research in the area himself.

Develop relationships with expert teachers and discover a research interest

Jason had the chance to do an extended research thesis as part of his Masters degree. He looked at the Chinese and Filipino diaspora based in Melbourne, and how these groups use digital communication to participate locally and live ‘trans-nationally'.

“The most rewarding experience I had as part of the Masters course was doing my extended research thesis … My primary supervisor for the project, Dr Tony Moore, guided me through the most challenging and exciting year of the degree”

Jason's research interests developed more broadly into how media and communications influence culture and pop-culture, how technological innovations are constantly changing the communicative process, and issues around trans-nationalism, particularly to do with diaspora and subcultures.

Jason is now in the first year of his PhD, with Dr Tony Moore as is his supervisor. Jason's PhD is a natural progression on from his Masters research, and will explore cross-cultural inter-mediation of global music subcultures via digital communication platforms and cultural entrepreneurs.

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