Monash composers to premiere new works in Germany



The Australian-German production, Vom Anderen Ende (From the Other End) is a Berlin-based concert series that features the State Youth Ensemble for New Music Berlin performing new works by both established and emerging composers.

For the first time, an Australian-German program is at the centre of the Autumn season of 2016. The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music at Monash University are pleased to be represented by three composers in this concert: Coordinator of Composition Associate Professor Thomas Reiner, PhD student Ralph Whiteoak, and third year undergraduate student, Jaslyn Robertson.

Thomas Reiner

The performance of these works occurs on the 14th of November in the Carpentry of the German Opera Berlin, and includes a number of world premieres by Monash University students Jaslyn Robertson, Ralph Whiteoak and German composer Helmut Zapf.  Thomas Reiner's Sweet Spots also features in this program with a unique scoring for the traditional Chinese instrument, the pipa, and the contrabass clarinet. 

The Australian Embassy Berlin are supporters of the program that reflects the creative exchange that occurs between Australian and German artists. Programs such as these work to stimulate the bilateral cultural exchange that occurs between Australia and Germany both in the music scene as well as the broader creative and arts communities. Monash University are proud to be represented by our best composers from our staff, postgraduate and undergraduate communities. 

The full program includes: 

Thomas Reiner: Sweet Spots (2006) featuring Ya Dong on Pipa, and Sebastian Lange on contrabass clarinet. 
Jaslyn Robertson: Woven Tracks (2016)
Ralph Whiteoak: Two Staring Eyes Out Of The Fog (2015/16)
Friedrich Goldmann: Drei Ensembleszenen (2002)
Helmut Zapf: Windwärts / im Wind Ertrunken (2016)
Fabian Zeidler: Mind The Gaps (2014/15) 

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