Monash leads recommendations on migrant labour exploitation

In June, Assoc.Prof. Marie Segrave, with Dr Laurie Berg (UTS) and Dr Stephen Clibborn (University of Sydney) prepared a list of recommendations for the Working Group on Migrant Labour Exploitation, as part of the Roundtable on Human Trafficking and Slavery. Their seven recommendations draw on their collective research with migrant workers in Australia and point to critical issues for the Federal Government in moving forward to redress and eliminate the vulnerability of migrant workers. 

The importance of evidence-based policy and responses is critical in this space – and the work researchers conducting research with migrant workers (and in Segrave's research, with employers and contractors) is essential to understanding the complex ways in which exploitation occurs and the impact of migration and labour regulation in contributing to migrant worker vulnerability. 

These recommendations are particularly salient as Australia moves towards recognising and responding to Modern Slavery in the region, and as the Alan Fels-led Migrant Workers Taskforce conducts public meetings with stakeholders this week.
You can read the recommendations here