Monash PhD Candidate’s blog named in world’s Top 50

Alison Stieven-Taylor.

Alison Stieven-Taylor, a PhD Candidate, and also lecturer in journalism at Monash, was thrilled to learn that her blog, Photojournalism Now, has been ranked number ten in the world’s Top 50 Photojournalism Blogs by RSS platform

“It’s tremendous recognition of the work that goes into presenting a diverse range of photographs each week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up,” says Alison, who posts once a week.

“And I’m in fantastic company with the likes of the New York Times Lens Blog, the Boston Globe and the British Journal of Photography also on the list. It’s a great compliment to be in the top 50 let alone the top ten!”

Alison began Photojournalism Now in 2012 when she was writing her Masters Honours thesis, Has the Critical Mirror Shattered. She is now working on her PhD, which investigates how the digital space has transformed the way photojournalists create images designed to effect social change. Today Photojournalism Now has around 8000 followers and subscribers across various social media and internet platforms.

“It is a dynamic time for photojournalism,” says Alison.

“In the past decade I’ve interviewed some of the world’s most amazing photojournalists as well as those who are lesser known, but are doing important work. I’ve featured hundreds of photographers and introduced my blog’s readers to work they have not seen. My subscribers include some of the most renowned photo editors and photojournalism organisations in the world.

“The blog is an absolute labour of love, and I’ve resisted monetising it despite requests from various companies, because it is a space in which I have absolute editorial freedom. But it also plays an important role in aiding in my research and starting conversations with photojournalists and others involved in the genre from all corners of the globe.”



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