MOOCS-Education revolution or mere marketing?

Professor Ed Byrne

Professor Ed Byrne

‘MOOCS’ stands for Massive Open Online Courses and, depending on your viewpoint, they’re either the future of tertiary education or a giant marketing scam—take your pick.

One thing’s for certain, they’re the buzz of the moment in the education sector and universities across the world are falling over themselves to get with the trend.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Ed Byrne recently appeared on ABC Radio National where he discussed MOOCS and their implications for the tertiary sector:

“[MOOCS] are terrific content, they are terrific feedback, they are a terrific supplement to existing pathways of higher education learning, and I think they will definitely find a place in the Parthenon of higher education, there's no doubt about that. 

Professor Byrne also discussed possible implications for Monash University in the future: 

“We are very actively exploring a number of possibilities to take a position in the MOOCs space … I think the majority of high end providers will have a MOOCs position of some sort or other in the years ahead.”

The transcript and audio of Professor Byrne's interview is accessible via the ABC Radio National Website.