New Australian film studies book by Con Verevis and Deane Williams

Australian Film Theory & Criticism, Volume 3: Documents is the third part of a three-volume work devoted to mapping the transnational history of Australian film studies, edited by Monash academics Associate Professors Constantine Verevis and Deane Williams. Volume 3: Documents concludes the project by gathering together the documents that were produced during the rise of film studies in Australian academia from 1975–85. 

The discipline of film studies has, since the late 1960s-early 1970s, been a burgeoning academic and intellectual field of inquiry. Through these sources we see the development of the particularities of Australian film theory and criticism, its relationship to its international counterparts, and the establishment of key positions and the directions in which they develop.

Verevis and Williams have collected key articles, including the works of Paul Willemen, Sam Rohdie, Ross Gibson, and Meaghan Morris, among many others, in order to conclude this pioneering historiographic account of Australian film studies.

The three-volume work is the result of Verevis and William's research mapping the local and international flows of Australian film theory and criticism. By tracing key critical positions, personnel and institutions, their work provides an understanding of the particularity of Australian film theory and criticism. They have not only interrogated the origins of Australian film theory (in film criticism and film history), but also examined its relationship to adjacent disciplines and institutions, and determined its implications for establishing new directions of inquiry for film studies in Australia.

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