New book publication by BOb researchers 'Sex Trafficking & Modern Slavery: The Absence of Evidence'

Marie Segrave with Sanja Milivojevic and Sharon Pickering have a new book publication through Routledge titled Sex Trafficking and Modern Slavery: The absence of evidence debunking myths and examining contemporary counter trafficking strategies across Australia, Thailand and Serbia. This is the second volume following  Sex Trafficking: International context and response from the authors published in 2009

Providing context surrounding the publication of this book, much has changed since the first volume was published, not least the shift away from sex trafficking to modern slavery as the dominant focus in policy and advocacy. Yet, as the authors argue, little has changed with regards to how nations respond. This volume re-examines the international counter-trafficking scholarship and policy response, to offer an analysis based on original and new data. This book lays the ground for specific forms of research and inquiry that are necessary to better understand and respond to the range of exploitative practices and conditions that give rise to human trafficking.

The publication brings new research findings to bear on these issues and contributes to the strong body of work published by Segrave, Milivojevic and Pickering on trafficking in persons which can be viewed via our Trafficking and Labour Exploitation research agenda