New York journalism tour inspires Masters students

New York journalism tour inspires Masters students
Monash journalism students listen to American Media's vice-president of content.

By Emma Doherty, Master of Journalism student

Monash University's 2017 New York Field School has been an eye-opening opportunity for journalism, media and communications Masters students to discover what an exciting time it is to be a journalist.

More importantly, the touring students have been incredibly fortunate to learn about an industry that is constantly rising to the challenge of remaining relevant, and more specifically needed, in this digital age.

With an innate focus on the future of journalism, the students explored the impact digital has had on the industry and how it’s navigated through these times.

Wanting to further understand how media publications were leaning into this inevitable digital future, we met with a variety of renown organisations where we were given insight into this ever growing and adapting world.

The New York City tour included legacy organisations such as The Wall Street Journal, the New York Daily News, the New York Post, the New York Times and the BBC; the broadcast at CBS and CNN; emerging digital platforms such as BuzzFeed, Bloomberg and Quartz; and lastly, like-minded and forward-thinking educational institutions, City University of New York (CUNY) and Columbia University.

Although the group was amazed at the chance to get an inside exclusive to all newsrooms, what really resonated was the positive outlook on the opportunities available in the industry at this time.

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This contradicted the often “doom-and-gloom” nature painted by those of the legacy era.

Not only this, but the students were also impressed by the ways in which these organisations were adapting to the digital climate.

We particularly recognised this at legacy organisations, whose traditional focus was on print, and how they were remodelling their approach to meet their audiences’ needs.

For some organisations, adapting to digital was the first priority, and seemingly, it seemed to come naturally for them. Whereas, for others, it was this “digital beast” that they were still trying to understand. 

The trip has been incredibly inspiring. Whilst we came with high expectations, I don’t believe we ever thought we would be as motivated and optimistic about the future of journalism as we are now.

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