Partnering with the AFP: Training on smuggling of migrants

On October 30th, Professor Sharon Pickering and Dr Gabriella Sanchez from the Border Crossing Observatory were invited to present in the context of the 55th edition of the Management of Serious Crime Program (MOSC 55).

Held twice a year at the Australian Federal Police College in Canberra, MOSC is the leading training forum for criminal investigators in the country. It provides senior law enforcement practitioners and members of international police services with extensive training on transnational organized crime, and on offences involving persons, property or government, facilitated by experts and keynote speakers from Australia and abroad. 

Addressing a crowd of approximately 40 senior federal officials, Professor Pickering shared the preliminary findings of her work on Iranian women arriving by smuggling boats to Australia.

She also explained the challenges that current government policies on migration control impose onto women in transit, their families and communities, and on the implications of enforcement and settlement practices on processes of community formation. Gabriella reflected on the operational dynamics of human smuggling organizations along the US Mexico border in the context of border and national security enforcement, and established points of comparison with the Australian case.

The session was characterized by a high level of interaction among the presenters and the attendees.

Questions ranged from the impact of migration and the conditions refugees face upon arrival to the role of police community relations; from group radicalization and identification of terrorist subjects to the limitations of refugee visa regime and potential solutions to ease the humanitarian crisis along Australia’s borders. 

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