Podcast featuring BOb's Marie Segrave on Australian border deaths and migrant labour exploitation

To mark human rights day, Monash Lens released a news story and podcast featuring the work of the Border Crossing Observatory to count and account for Australian border deaths and Marie Segrave's research on migrant labour exploitation in Australia.

To date, the Australian Border Deaths Database has counted 1,997 border deaths since January 2000 including 6 deaths recorded in 2017. It continues to be the only publicly available, regularly updated border deaths list in Australia recording known deaths that have occurred in onshore and offshore immigration detention, at sea en route to Australia and off Australian shores, during interdiction by Australian border control authorities at sea, death following deportation to home countries and deaths in the community for those who are awaiting refugee determination outcomes.

Marie Segrave's DECRA project builds on her earlier research work investigating exploitation of unlawful migrant labourers in Australia. Unlawful migrant labour has been identified as a significant issue for Australia, with estimates that between 50-100,000 non citizens are working illegally in Australia (Howell 2011). While increasingly immigration and labour regulatory responses are merging to respond to this issue, the impact of these practices upon the level and nature of victimisation and conditions of exploitation requires investigation. Through examining experiences of unlawful migrant workers, this research will identify whether and how regulatory systems impact on exploitative conditions experienced by unlawful migration labourers.