The Centre for Theatre and Performance will once again offer the popular Summer unit

ATS2910 Professional and academic presentation skills

This is an intensive 6 point unit, taught 4 hours a day for 2 weeks in January

The class run time was surprisingly good. I was expected the 4 hours to go quite slowly but in all honesty the class flowed very well and was no trouble at all.

This unit is open to International Students and Domestic students and is structured in streams to accommodate different levels of language confidence. 

“The learning objective of improving one’s confidence when presenting in front of an audience is a key skill in everyone’s learning and career and this is what I gained most.”

“Voice coaching was great!”

Students from all Faculties are welcome

The unit is taught by professional staff who are experts in the fields of public speaking, vocal work, stage presence and delivery.

“the vocal exercises  taught me a lot about calming my nerves and the skills required for speaking clearly. I have experience a multitude of presentation where the presenter is mumbling, speaks too fast or too slow among many other flaws but have not known how to overcome these problems myself.”