Public Lecture Series

Faculty of Arts public lectures

Monash Faculty of Arts public lecture series features leading public intellectuals, scholars and writers from around the world.

“Monash is Australia’s most international university – we have a strong and proud record of community outreach. The idea behind this lecture series is that we build bridges, to the wider community and throughout the world, across disciplines and across cultural institutions. The series will showcase the work of leading public intellectuals, scholars and writers and address issues of key importance to contemporary society. This series complements the many seminars and public lectures hosted by individual programs and centres within the Faculty of Arts.”

Professor Rae Frances, Dean of Arts. April 2007

Arts Public Lecture Series

  1. Lecture I – War and Remembrance
  2. Lecture II – Radical Forgiveness: Beyond Hannah Arendt
  3. Lecture III – Founding Monash: The University and the Promise of Modernity
  4. Arts Public Lecture IV – Democracy and Climate Change: Finding the Common Interest
  5. Arts Public Lecture V – Should We Use Technology to Change our Genetic Destiny?
  6. Arts Public Lecture VI – Understanding Ethics
  7. Arts Public Lecture VII – Secret Life Of The Shrine
  8. Arts Public Lecture VIII – Stem Cell : Letting Go Of The Fantasy
  9. Arts Public Lecture IX – ”The Social Construction of Silence” by Jay Winter
  10. Arts Public Lecture X – “Walter Benjamin and other illegal immigrants” by Robert J.C. Young
  11. Arts Public Lecture XI – Jay Winter: Faces, Voices, and the Shadow of War
  12. Arts Public Lecture XII – Jay Winter: Beyond Glory?: Writing War in the Twentieth Century

Video and Audio of the Arts Public Lecture Series

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