Public Opinion on Eastern Ukraine

Dr Dmytro Khutkyy and his audience at Monash University

On 30 January 2015 Dr Dmytro Khutkyy delivered a public lecture titled “Public Opinion about Eastern Ukraine: Diverse and Changing.”

Speaking on Skype from the University of California at Riverside, where he is a Fulbright Visiting Fellow, Dr Khutkyy presented the results of recent opinion polls on political opinion in Ukraine at large and in the parts of the country controlled by separatists. Among many revealing findings was the low level of support, even in the Donbas, for separation from Ukraine.

Dr Khutkyy is a researcher at the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology and teaches at “Kyiv Mohyla Academy” University.

Slides from Dr Khutkyy's presentation are available for downloading here.

Citations should take the following form: Khutkyy, D. (2015, January 30). Public Opinion on Eastern Ukraine: Diverse and Changing. Lecture conducted at Monash University (USFA Grant), Melbourne, Australia. Retrieved from