Radio documentary based on Anzac Memories

ALBUM 68 FAMILY AND FARMHOUSEThe documentary “Searching for Hector Thomson” will be broadcast as a feature on ABC Radio National ‘Hindsight' on Sunday 20 April at 1pm (and Thursday 24 April at 1pm).

It was scripted and narrated by Prof. Alistair Thomson for ABC producer Michelle Rayner.

The documentary in based on a chapter in the new edition of his book Anzac Memories. It's about war's lingering consequences, family secrets and healing histories, and how Repatriation files in the National Archives transform our understanding of the Great War and its impact.

After 20 April the program will be available as a podcast via the Hindsight website. Prof. Thomson has also produced this 3 minute digital history which tells a parallel women's history ‘Finding Nell Thomson'.

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