Routledge book series confirmed for Body in the City Focus Program

Routledge book series confirmed for Body in the City Focus Program
Detail from an illustration of a body in its coffin that starts to bleed in the presence of the murderer during a cruentation, 1497.

Monash scholars in The Body in the City Focus Program last week received the exciting news that their book series has been accepted for publication by Routledge. This outcome marks the culmination of a great deal of planning by series General Editors Peter Howard, Director of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Monash, and John Henderson, Professor of Italian Renaissance History at Birkbeck College, University of London, and Research Professor at Monash University in the Faculty Focus Program.

The series will expand further the conceptual and research framework of the Focus Program, already established through conferences and workshops, and develops out of Monash scholars’ research collaboration with international networks. The editorial board has evolved out of an established research grouping of scholars, the Prato Consortium of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and is led by experts in the field from institutions across four continents.

Bodies in the City, 1100-1800 investigates the complex, diverse, and multi-layered realities and understandings of ‘the body’ in medieval and early modern societies. The series extends recent studies of materiality by linking cities with bodies and considering the relationship between the physical environment and the individual’s corporeality. Emphasising novel approaches to vernacular sources, authors will analyse how particular spaces, locations and physical milieux affect understandings of the body and govern responses to particular problems. Within this framework the series will explore very diverse yet coherent studies, aiming to speak to each other in thought-provoking ways.

Planning is currently underway for the first seven volumes of the series. For more information about the series and the planned volumes go to The Body in the City website.