Ancient Cultures

BA alum Melanie Hechenberger wins international award for her paper about the origin of Egyptian writing

Monash University Bachelor of Arts (Hons) alum and current MA student, Melanie Hechenberger was recently announced as a Global Winner of the prestigious Undergraduate Awards (UA), the world’s largest academic awards program. Melanie was named the Global Winner for her paper entitled, The Origin of Writing in Egypt: Administrative or Ceremonial? in the ‘Classical Studies &…

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Australian Research Council Discovery Project Award

Colin Hope, Gillian Bowen and Iain Gardner (University of Sydney) have just been awarded a major 5 year research grant to continue excavations in Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt.  The project is entitled: Seth, god of confusion: the archaeology of a cult centre in Egypt. Read more about the Dakhleh Oasis project…

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