Steffanie scores front page byline during The Age internship

Steffanie Tan, a third-year journalism student at Monash, says she's ‘lucky' to have scored a front page byline during her internship at The Age.

Steffanie Tan's front page story.

Co-authored with The Age journalist Tom Cowie, the story discusses the results of a longitudinal national survey into the challenges facing Australian families, with a particular focus on anxieties surrounding childcare.

Steffanie says the experience of interning at The Age has been rewarding, and encourages her classmates to apply for internships.

‘I didn't even dare to think I'd score a front page byline,' she said.

‘A journalist there told me it took her six months to get on the front cover, so I feel really honoured and proud that the hard work paid off.' 

This hard work was emphasised by Steffanie, describing the experience as ‘intense'.

‘I think the most surprising thing I've learnt is how to adapt to every setting.

‘I was doing the legwork for the ‘sexual assault on campus' story and found myself plugged up to the taxi's interior charger transcribing an interview on my phone while feeding it back to the journo,' she says. 


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