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Imaginary Islam and the crisis of European democracy: podcast with Dr Natalie Doyle on Marcel Gauchet

For two decades, Dr Natalie Doyle has researched a specific strand of French social and political theory, with a particular interest in the intellectual heir of its leading figures Marcel Gauchet. In this podcast, we speak with Dr Doyle about her new book coming out this month, a world-first analysing Gauchet’s early writings to the present day. Entitled ‘Marcel Gauchet’s Loss of Common Purpose: Imaginary Islam and the Crisis of European Democracy’ it synthesises her three main research projects, offering an analysis that provides a context with which to understand the nature of today’s issues, crises and phenomena.

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ISIT Paris and the Faculty of Arts sign an MoU and a SEA

The Faculty of Arts has just signed an MoU and a Student Exchange Agreement with ISIT, one of the French leading grandes écoles in the fields of Translation and Interpreting Studies, International Studies and Intercultural Communication. If the partnership is of natural interest in the field of Translation and Interpreting Studies, the MoU will also allow…

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Honours in French Studies

Interested in taking Honours in French Studies? Have a look at theis list of past French Studies Honours Thesis titles below to get some ideas. The list runs from 1968 to 2009. Whether you want to something like one of the topics on the list, or something completely different, get in touch with one of the French Studies…

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