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World first research into an Australian sandy cay island: interview with Professor Ian McNiven

If the Tudulgal could thrive on a small sandy island and become a leading control centre in Australia’s Torres Straits, how can these insights help build more resilient and sustainable communities around the world? Monash Indigenous Studies Centre Professor Ian McNiven shares news on a new break-through ARC Discovery project underway in collaboration with the Tudulgal and local communities in the north of Australia.

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BA Alum (2016) Maeve Martyn, now General Manager of Humanities 21

General Manager of Humanities 21 Maeve Martyn studied a Bachelor of Arts (Italian Studies & History double major) at Monash, and recently shared how this launched her career at Monash’s regular seminar for students ‘Arts in the Real World’. Incidentally, this was where Maeve herself first heard about Humanities 21 and gained her career inspiration…

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NCAS historian launches new book on the Vietnam War

Monash Historian, Associate Professor Nathalie Nguyen, celebrated the launch of her book, South Vietnamese Soldiers: Memories of the Vietnam War and After, on May 9th 2016. “South Vietnamese soldiers are the forgotten soldiers of the Vietnam War,” notes Monash University historian Associate Professor Nathalie Nguyen. “My book breaks new ground by exploring their untold histories.”…

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