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Testing times: new research project looks at expectations in healthcare testing

Australians have high expectations of tests in healthcare. But are they higher than warranted? And are they impacting on healthcare expenditure? Importantly, what role do particular socio-cultural factors play in producing and sustaining expectations that may be higher than warranted by scientific evidence? How do different healthcare contexts shape the meanings attributed to tests—their perceived…

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PewDiePie, new media stars and the court of public opinion

Steven Roberts, Monash University and Marcus Maloney, Monash University PewDiePie is the username of the world’s most famous YouTube video blogger, 27-year-old Swede, Felix Kjellberg. PewDiePie’s vlogs, centred on his comedic video game commentaries, attract more than 53 million (mostly young) subscribers – more than any other YouTube channel. He was ranked by Forbes in…

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Public symposium, Young People and Mediated Sexual Communication

The public symposium, Young People and Mediated Sexual Communication was held on Friday, 29 November, 2013 at Monash University, Caulfield Campus. In Australia and overseas, concern about ‘sexting’ among young people has been widespread, and discussions have tended to focus on the ‘risks’ and issues new technologies are seen to produce. This symposium presented the findings from…

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