Todd building a career in communications

As a child, Todd Shilton wanted to be an architect. In an ironic twist of fate, Todd is building a communications career for an architecture practice.

After graduating from Monash in 2014, Todd has laid a strong foundation in the industry after initially working for The Conversation.

Todd Shilton.

Here is his profile…

Name: Todd Shilton

Course: Bachelor of Journalism

Faculty/Division: Arts

Dept: School of Media, Film and Journalism

Campus: Caulfield

Year graduated: 2014

Current position: Marketing and Communications Manager, Plus Architecture.




What was it like breaking into the industry? Was it more ‘who you know' than ‘what you know'?

My first job was at The Conversation. I was very lucky to get hired straight out of uni – and a big part of this was the internships I did while studying, one at The Conversation, and another at Mojo. Being proactive and friendly can take you a long way!

What is a ‘day in the life' of your current role?

Well I’m a long way from journalism now. My current role involves an often hectic mix of marketing, press work, graphic design, social media, and business strategy.

What was a key lesson you learnt at Monash that translated into your workplace?

Being able to make a good pitch.  

If you could go back and do your degree again, is there anything you’d change? Subject choice? Time management? Internships?

I did a Film and TV minor which I’d probably swap for something I’m more interested in, like Indigenous Studies. Other than that, nothing!

What skill (or skills) would you recommend aspiring journos acquire before getting into the industry?

Learn how to code. One of the best complimentary skill sets to any media gig.

When you were a child, what was your dream job?

Funnily enough, architect.

What is your dream job now?

Not an architect (they work too hard)! The selfless answer is communications work for a worthy non-profit. The selfish answer is tech or games journalism.

Who do you look up to most in the industry?

Fran Kelly. Listening to immovable objects meet an unstoppable force every morning on my morning radio is wonderful.

Have you kept in touch with any of your fellow alumni?

I do keep in touch with a few people – it’s great to see how many of them are making waves in the journalism biz.  

Do you follow any sports teams?

My dad would disown me if I didn’t say the Saints.

What’s your coffee order?

I get my coffee beans send over from a local roaster who I used to work for in Alice Springs. I wish I was joking.


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