United Nations University Migration Network

Centering on evidence-based policymaking, the United Nations University Migration Network attempts to connect people across disciplines and nations to encourage new thought and research in the field of migration.

Encompassing over 200 publications, 37 research projects, the launch of the Network promises a to fill a need for policymakers and researchers about migration. Recent news and events around the topic of migration are also available, along with education programs which have migration as the focus.

 “Migration is a complex phenomenon, embracing myriad key issues both for individuals and for governments/society”, said UNU Rector Dr. David Malone. “The new UNU Migration Network offers a unique opportunity for UNU scholars to address the interlinked dimensions of international migration and its positive role through collaborative, interdisciplinary research.”

Organizations currently involved range from institutes of health in Indonesia to environment and human security in Germany. This sort of global and interdisciplinary focus is integral in modern research to understanding the full picture of migration, especially as the number of people on the move continues to rise. Looking to the statistics, the number of international migrants grew by about 3.6 million last year, making a network like this essential. Explore it here.

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