Vizard’s ‘Vigil’: part of his PhD research exploring performativity and theatre

Vigil, written by Steve Vizard, makes its Victorian debut at Arts Centre Melbourne from 4–8 July. Starring the acclaimed Christie Whelan Browne, Vigil confronts with a musical and theatrical one woman tour-de-force about a 30-something prodigal daughter who hijacks her family’s Christmas Eve wanting more than pinot gris and a loan – she wants answers. 

Vigil also forms part of Vizard’s PhD area of research interest at Monash Arts exploring performativity and theatre, in this case taking the traditional theatre narrative and story arc and pushing it to its limits with a one person show. A particular area of Vizard’s research interest explores the extent to which musicals can embody the conflict between protagonist and antagonist in musical form when portrayed by only one performer.

Vizard has written the original script and lyrics for 12 original songs for Vigil, and the original score has been composed by acclaimed pianist, composer and arranger Joe Chindamo, who also accompanies with violin virtuoso Zoë Black, and the performance performed by Whelan Browne, delivering a dazzling and mesmerising journey of song and theatrical intimacy.

Steve Vizard is also an Advisory Board Member for Monash University’s Master of Communication and Media Studies.

Vigil, photo by Claudio Raschella


Vigil quotes from the Adelaide Cabaret Festival:

“…a poignant cameo of regret and expectations unfulfilled” – The Australian

“Whelan Browne is spectacularly mercurial…Brilliant” – ★★★★1⁄2, Limelight Magazine

“Steve Vizard’s one woman musical is a sensitive and honest confessional, peeling away the façade and confronting the unuttered truths of a daughter’s private anguish” – Canberra Critics Circle

“a dynamic, moving, frequently funny and catchy melody-packed showcase for the multifarious talents of star Christie Whelan-Browne.” – The Advertiser

Vigil Starring Christie Whelan Browne Written by Steve Vizard Arts Centre Melbourne, Fairfax Studio 4 – 8 July, 2017 Bookings at 

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