Welcome Same Skies to the BOb NGO network

We're pleased to welcome Same Skies International to our NGO networkSame Skies International is a non-religious, politically neutral not-for-profit organisation, registered as an association in Switzerland with local sub-branches in Switzerland, Australia, Malaysia, and soon in Indonesia. It's vision is that refugees in transit live with self-determination and dignity, and they aim to empower them through innovative capacity-strengthening.  

As of April 2018, Same Skies, in collaboration with BOOKBRIDGE, KYS Business School Melaka, HOST International and in consultation with Bodean Hedwards from the Border Crossing Observatory, offers an innovative new distance learning programme on leadership targeted at corporate, humanitarian and refugee leaders alike. In the programme, these leaders from different professional and cultural backgrounds will be connected to learn together and from each other. They will create lasting impact by establishing a refugee-led community centre. It's a seven month part-time programme with four online modules and one residential module in Malaysia. Individual study time and assignments take up to 4 hours per week, plus practical teamwork Cost of participation is USD 5800, excluding travel expenses to Malaysia. Applications are open until February 2nd, 2018! Find more information here: www.sameskies.org/leadership