Centre for Religious Studies

Centre for Religious Studies

We are committed to the academic study of religious traditions both past and present.

The Centre for Religious Studies is part of the School of Philosophical, Historical, and International Studies.

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Monash University news

The philosophy of ethics and AI

Katherine Bailey (Natural Language Processing lead within Accenture Australia’s AI and Automation Engineering group) and Oisin Deery (Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Monash University) talk about the ethics of AI and bias in Machine Learning Systems.

Philosophy 3 May 2019

Turning perception on its head

Monash University news

SOPHIS' Jakob Hohwy and a team of researchers have designed an experiment to show how both old and new information are needed to form perceptions.

Philosophy 3 May 2019

Outstanding ARC Results for Monash Philosophy

Philosophy at Monash achieved the nation’s best results on the recent grants round from the Australian Research Council. 4 Discovery grants were awarded, adding to the recent award of a Future Fellowship to Professor Toby Handfield:

School of Philosophical Historical and International Studies 8 March 2019

Linda Barclay on Disability and Dignity

Disability raises a host of moral concerns - issues around justice, human rights, and what we owe to each other in a compassionate society. But philosophers have been slow to address disability, and what philosophical literature there is often comes up short in the face of disability's highly complex nature and the ethical challenges it poses. This week: identity politics, distributive justice and the moral minefield that we enter when we try to define disability.

SOPHIS only 8 March 2019
Monash University news

Future Fellowship success for Monash Philosopher

Associate Professor Toby Handfield (Philosophy) has won an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (FT180100067, $1,039,125) for a project on “The Evolution and Economics of Sacred Value”.

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