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Our research asks these questions: What forces shape our lives? What makes for a rich and meaningful existence? How can we change things for the better?

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Monash Arts graduate named Walkley finalist for Student of the Year award

Monash Journalism graduate Matilda Boseley has been named a finalist for the 2019 Walkley Student of the Year.

3 June 2019

Monash Arts excels in The Australian top institutions research

Monash Arts excels in The Australian top institutions research

Monash Arts has been well-represented in a recently released report by The Australian that details the top Australian researchers and research institutions.

The Australian used data analysis to compile a list of the leading researchers and research institutions across over 250 fields of research, displaying the results in the yearly Research magazine.

15 October 2018

Making way for the wealthy? How driverless cars could effect the economics of road transport in the future

Monash Philosophy Professor Robert Sparrow will address his latest findings in a presentation, “Driverless Cars and Caste: Intelligent transport systems, social status and differential access to mobility”, at the Intelligent Transport Systems Conference in Sydney on Wednesday afternoon.


Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre awarded funding for its third research project with UN Women

Project partners include the Centre for Law, Gender and Society at Gadjah Mada University, Oxfam Bangladesh, and Ateneo University, Manila, the Philippines.

Monash University news

Best-selling author Dr Chris Kutarna visits Monash Human Geography

Monash Human Geography is pleased to be hosting visiting political scientist and business scholar Dr Chris Kutarna from Oxford University, to work on a research project about the politics of international migration.

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