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Our research asks these questions: What forces shape our lives? What makes for a rich and meaningful existence? How can we change things for the better?


Our research addresses important local and global issues, advancing our understanding of the world. We aim for excellence in innovative, creative, scholarly research.


Our Focus Program Initiative invests in areas of research excellence to accelerate areas of research priority.


Our projects with government, organisations, communities and industry benefit both our partners and the world around us. Our research makes a difference.

Research with impact

The role of transnational networks and mobile citizens in South Sudan’s global community: A pilot study focused on Melbourne and Juba

April 16, 2018

Population, Migration and Social Inclusion (PMSI) Research Associate, Dr Sara Maher, the lead researcher for the Melbourne site of the transnational South Sudan Diaspora Impacts

March 26, 2018

While for English speakers the past is ‘behind us' and the future ‘in front', linguistic researchers understand there are also languages where the past is in front of

Unlocking the fear and myths around ‘African gangs’ in Melbourne

March 16, 2018

Australia presents two contradictory faces to the world – two opposing myths, says Alan Gamlen, Associate Professor of Human Geography at Monash University and member of Monash

Mate, will she be right? Monash academics say it’s time to reconsider class in Australia

March 14, 2018

Associate Professor Tony Moore and colleagues take a closer look at the state of class in Australia and academia's responsibility to analyse it.

Community sentiments and perceptions of Victoria Police

March 14, 2018

Monash PhD researcher looks into police legitimacy in the City of Monash Allegra Schermuly, a former perioperative nurse from the UK, decided that a change was imminent after 20

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