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Monash’s Faculty of Arts produces world class scholarship on societal challenges of global scale including poverty and international development, violence and security, health and behaviour change, and intercultural communication.

In the Faculty of Arts we are committed to understanding and improving the human condition through our research across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

While research continues to make major breakthroughs in finding technological solutions to global challenges (such as environmental change, sustainable development and disease), maximising the take-up and impact of these technologies depends on knowledge of how people respond and communicate within and across diverse communities.

Researchers in the Faculty of Arts think critically and creatively to address disciplinary and interdisciplinary problems. They create, translate and enable knowledge and innovation. They engage in public debates and communicate with citizens in local, regional and global settings. Monash Arts research is globally engaged and internationally recognised for its scholarly excellence and impact.

Arts Business Development Office - Staff

Beverley Baugh <br />Group Manager, Research & Business Development

Beverley Baugh
Group Manager, Research & Business Development

Dr Sneha Abraham <br />Research Development Manager

Dr Sneha Abraham
Research Development Manager

Vanja Radojevic

Vanja Radojevic
Partnerships & Business Development Manager

Joanne Birkett <br />Senior Research Support Officer

Joanne Birkett
Senior Research Support Officer

Heather Graybehl

Heather Graybehl
Senior Research Support Officer

Joanne Witheridge <br />Manager, Research Quality & Performance

Joanne Witheridge
Manager, Research Quality & Performance

Engage with us

Engagement is a main ambition of the Faculty of Arts. Engagement can take many forms. Partnerships can be formed in surprising ways. If you have an idea for a possible project, want inspiration for how we can collaborate, or just want to hear more about what we can offer, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our business development team is always ready and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

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Arts Research Business Development Office:

Phone: +613 9905 8547
Fax: +613 9905 1497
Email: arts-research-enquiries@monash.edu
Location: 3rd Floor West, Menzies Building,
Monash University, Clayton campus

More information: About Monash Arts Research