Migration & Social Cohesion

With over 80 academics and more than 50 graduate research students in the faculty working in social cohesion and migration, we are at the forefront of research into the mechanisms of building and sustaining stronger, more resilient communities.

Since 2010 we have collaborated with 67 national and international partners to deliver more than 100 projects valued over $10 million.

Research themes

Our research in Migration & Social Cohesion explores a broad spectrum of issues from inter-personal and inter-group interactions to social and economic dynamics at the national and international level.

Practical applications of our research include informing policy making, contributing to debate and reporting on trends in social cohesion both here in Australia and internationally.

Research in this area can be considered under the following themes:

Our case studies

Migration and regional stability

Unlawful migrant labour: exploitation and regulation in Australia
Chief Investigator:
Associate Professor Marie Segrave
Funded by: Australian Research Council


Information consumption and decision making of irregular migrants in Indonesia and Malaysia
Chief Investigator:
Professor Sharon Pickering, Rebecca Powell (The Border Crossing Observatory) in collaboration with the University of New South Wales
Funded by: Department of Immigration and Border Protection



Identity and belonging

Australian generations oral history project
Chief Investigators:
Professor Alistair Thomson, Professor Christina Twomey, Associate Professor Seamus O'Hanlon, in collaboration with La Trobe University
Funded by: Australian Research Council, Linkage Program Scheme, National Library of Australia, ABC Radio National

Migrant Diplomacy: Australia-Japan collaboration to foster cultural diversity by artistic practices
Chief Investigator: Professor Koichi Iwabuchi
Funded by: Australia-Japan Foundation and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade



Social exclusion, alienation and community safety

International student safety from crime
Chief Investigator:
Dr Helen Forbes Mewett
Funded by: Australian Research Council

Review of Victoria's family violence risk assessment and risk management framework
Chief Investigators:
Professor Jude McCulloch, Professor JaneMaree Maher, Dr Kate Fitzgibbon, Associate Professor Marie Segrave, Dr James Roffee
Funded by: Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

Social exclusion in Melbourne communities
Chief Investigators:
Associate Professor Rebecca Wickes, Associate Professor Dharmalingam Arunachalam, Dr Jonathan Smith, Dr Helen Forbes-Mewett, Professor Zlatko Skrbis, in collaboration with Deakin University and Australia Multicultural Foundation
Funded by: The Research Institute on Social Cohesion, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria



Social cohesion, inclusion, resilience and wellbeing

Transforming multicultural policy and aiding equal access to social services nationally and internationally
Chief Investigators: Professor Rita Wilson, Dr Marc Orlando, Dr Jim Hlavac
Funded by: Department of Premier and Cabinet

Leading informed debate on social cohesion
Chief Investigator: Andrew Markus
Funded by: Scanlon Foundation



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