Migration & Social Cohesion

With over 80 academics and more than 50 graduate research students in the faculty working in social cohesion and migration, we are at the forefront of research into the mechanisms of building and sustaining stronger, more resilient communities.

Since 2010 we have collaborated with 67 national and international partners to deliver more than 100 projects valued over $10 million.

Research themes

Our research in Migration & Social Cohesion explores a broad spectrum of issues from inter-personal and inter-group interactions to social and economic dynamics at the national and international level.

Practical applications of our research include informing policy making, contributing to debate and reporting on trends in social cohesion both here in Australia and internationally.

Research in this area can be considered under the following themes:

Our case studies

Social exclusion, alienation and community safety

Social cohesion, inclusion, resilience and wellbeing



Ms Vanja Radojevic
Partnerships and Business Development Manager
Faculty of Arts
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