The Faculty of Arts is home to humanities and social science at Monash, where you will find projects and publications at the cutting edge of international research. We produce exciting, engaged and excellent research.

What forces shape our lives? What makes for rich and meaningful existence? How can we change things for the better? Researchers in the Faculty of Arts seek to answer these questions.

We explore people, practices and cultures across time and place. We understand what is happening to us and to our society. We engage with communities, organisations and industry to deliver solutions tailored for cultural, social and professional contexts.

Global research themes

The Faculty of Arts organises research into three Global Research Themes. These include researchers and projects from across all the Schools and Centres of the Faculty. The Themes capture our research Excellence. Within these themes we further identify nine Focus Programs.

Recent books & articles

Our topics cover the regional, national and international; the historical and the contemporary; theory and practice. Researchers in the Faculty of Arts publish much of their research in international journals and books.

Here is a collection of our recent publications:

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Publications database

Current grants

Excellent research happens with grants from government and industry. The Faculty of Arts has a leading capacity for securing grants that power research. The grants tell a story of our research Excellence, Focus and capacity for Engagement. Look through our current grants: