Belief, Value & Mind

This Focus Program is an integrative exploration of how beliefs are formed, how values modulate decision-making based on those beliefs and how these beliefs and values fit in with contemporary cognitive science. The Program addresses several central contemporary challenges: how are beliefs formed or malformed, how do belief systems arise and clash, what is rationality, how should we act, what kind of organ is the brain, what is the nature of consciousness? The Program will have impact within philosophy, economics, religion and cognitive neuroscience, and will engage policy making.

The new talent associated with this program is Professor Tim Bayne.

Grants success for Belief, Value & Mind: Tim Bayne won a Future Fellowship ($888k).

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Key staff

Tim Bayne, Monima Chadha, Martin DaviesToby Handfield, John Heil, Jakob Hohwy, Graham Oppy Michael SmithRobert SparrowJennifer Windt.