Global Connections and Violence

The Global Connections and Violence Focus Program aims to investigate the occurrence, documentation and memorialisation of war and violence. It brings together outstanding scholars from Yale and Monash to research violence in different time-periods and regions of the globe and examine the ways it is recorded in archives, texts and literature.

The Program is distinguished by its focus on the long afterlife of violence and in particular public memorials to victims, the possibilities and the limitations of legal or humanitarian interventions and the efficacy of reparation.

Comprising specialists in History, Cultural Studies, Literature and Translation Studies, the Program combines a focus on archives, both traditional textual repositories and new media platforms, with a commitment to develop best practices for the documentation and analysis of global conflict and violence.

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Key staff

Bain AttwoodAdam Clulow, Daniella Doron, Lynette RussellNoah ShenkerAl ThomsonChristina TwomeyRita Wilson.