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Monash University news

Brexit stage right: what Britain’s decision to leave the EU means for Australia

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has opened a fundamental crack in the western world. Australia’s relationship with the United Kingdom is grounded in the UK’s relationship with the EU.

27 June, 2016
Monash University news

Witless white noise, virulent ugliness: Brexit debate plays out its last scenes

Mass politics versus elite interests. Mad dogs and Englishmen. That’s the Brexit referendum in a nutshell.

23 June, 2016

Monash Gender Peace and Security secures Linkage Grant

In a success for Monash Arts research, the Gender, Peace and Security Initiative has recently secured a major ARC Linkage Grant.

11 May, 2016
Monash University news

Challenging nuclear norms: A conversation with International Relations lecturer Dr Maria Rost Rublee

Ever wondered why some countries build a nuclear arsenal, while others choose not to? Is it economics, power, security strategies, or something else? Dr Maria Rost Rublee is a senior lecturer in International Relations at Monash’s School of

22 March, 2016
Monash University news

What might a ‘Brexit’ mean for the Anglosphere – and Australia?

Eurosceptics in Britain face one pressing question as the in/out referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union looms: what alternative to the EU do they propose?

14 March, 2016
Monash University news

Politics & International Relations seminar series: Reflections on the American Right and the case of Donald Trump

This first seminar in the Politics and International Relations seminar Series for 2016 will be held on Tuesday March 22nd.

29 February, 2016
Monash University news

‘Brexit’ and the future of the European Union

Crisis, as we know, is the new normal in Europe. The United Kingdom’s referendum on European Union and the attendant prospect of a British exit – or ‘Brexit’ – have driven the EU to new brink.

26 February, 2016
Monash University news

Q&A: why did terror hit Jakarta’s streets – and what happens next?

Explosions and gunfire on Thursday left seven people dead in Jakarta. The blasts and gunfight between Indonesian police and the suspected attackers took place near the busy Sarinah shopping mall in central Jakarta. Indonesian President Joko

15 January, 2016
Monash University news

James Massola – Master of International Relations alumnus

James Massola is a political correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and is a graduate of the Monash Master of International Relations. He talks to us about his role within parliament house and how his studies have

7 January, 2016