Cues, emails, being an adult with DEATH MATCH Stage Manager Charlotte Armstrong

is coming to an end!

Monash CTP's 3rd year production Death Match has had an incredible run at the Malthouse Theatre to jam-packed houses – but with just TWO SHOWS left (Fri & Sat 7pm) now is the time to see it if you haven't already!

This incredible show from Director: Katrina Cornwell and Writer: Morgan Rose, has had audiences gasping, laughing, cheering and clapping as actors take on a challenge like no other, that is a competition to the death!

We caught-up with one of the hard-working ‘behind-the-scenes' crew members, Charlotte Armstrong, for a quick chat after tonight's incredible. gutsy, sweaty performance

Here's what she had to say about Death Match:-

Tell us in your own words a little about Death Match
Death Match is a show about winning at life and what that means to us as individuals. It's competitive and intense and changes every night.

What is your role in this production?
I am the Stage Manager for Death Match.

What has been the best part of being involved in this production?
It's a fantastic show to work on, everyone is very supportive and it provides a great platform for improving your skills while working in the industry.

What has been the most challenging?
Learning all of the cues for the show has been the most recent challenge, at the beginning of the process though it was making all of my own templates and emailing lots of people, I spent a lot of time agonising over emails in the first week or so.

How have you grown as a stage manager after this process?
Definitely more confident in my own skills, I'm just generally better at being an adult and sending emails etc. My skills in the organisation, networking and dealing with stress are improving a lot.

Why should people come to see Death Match?
It is a very entertaining piece to watch, it also changes every night and works in a very unique format so that actors have to compete and the show changes depending on who gets out. You could see it multiple times and get a different show every time.

In just THREE words describe Death Match to those who don't know it
Challenging, entertaining, provocative!

Sounds exciting! This show is funny, gruelling, sweaty, no holds barred theatre that is a must-see

Death Match has TWO SHOWS left – finishes @ The Malthouse Sat 7th Oct

Chookas to all of our amazing cast and crew working on this phenomenal production for the last couple of nights

REMEMBER: If you can't win, what's the point

Director: Katrina Cornwell
Writer: Morgan Rose
Assistant director: Cody Baldwin
Stage manager: Charlotte Armstrong
Lighting designer: Georgie Wolfe
Sound designer: James Walker
Set designer: Grace Ulrich
Costume designer: Amy Porter

Stephen Amos
Rebecca Catalano
Elly D’Arcy
Aleeah Gabriel
Earl Marrows
Ursula Searle

The Coopers Malthouse, Tower Theatre
113 Sturt Street, Southbank

Thursday 28 September to Saturday 30 September: 7pm
Tuesday 3 October to Saturday 7 October: 7.00pm
Tickets- $10-$22