Monash Professor Stacy Holman Jones releases new publication

Stacy Holman Jones

Stacy Holman Jones is a Professor in the Centre for Theatre and Performance at Monash University. Together with co-authors Anne M Harris from RMIT, Sandra L. Faulkner from Bowling Green State University and Eloise D. Brook, Stacy has recently released a new book, Queering Families, Schooling Publics.

Published by Routledge Publishing and available now, this collaborative text extends the socio-cultural and political project of understanding the linguistic and embodied practices required for changing popular media, education, and family support services for queer citizens and our children.

Using the ‘keywords' format found in core texts like “A Glossary of Haunting” by Eve Tuck and C. Rees; Nancy Lesko & Susan Talburt's “Keywords in Youth Studies”; Jan Zita Grover's “AIDS: Keywords”; and the original, Raymond Williams' “Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society,” this book argues that social change around gender and sexuality is an interconnected social project that goes beyond activism and popular media and must include the intimate spaces of family, and the institutional spaces of education and workplaces

At a time of fundamentalist attacks on diversity and inclusion, the intersections of education with LGBTQ rights, trans* visibility, same-sex families and gender/sexualities education has never been more at the forefront of justice education.

Conceived as a collection of keywords that take up the vocabulary of queerness, queering practices, and queer families, the authors employ a nuanced intersectional approach to connect the damaging and persistent invisibility of their subject to the complex, dominant and normalising discourses of education, marriage and family.

Offering poststructuralist, posthumanist and new materialist perspectives through multimodal forms including poetry, performance writing and collage, this book moves the conversation forward by critically interrogating and expanding upon current knowledges about gender diversity, queer kinship and pedagogy.

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