Why study Theatre and Performance?

Academic excellence

Members of the Centre for Theatre and Performance staff are nationally and internationally recognised scholars, practitioners and teachers. Our Centre includes award-winning actors and playwrights, specialists in Music Theatre and devised theatre, and outstanding academic scholars. Student feedback surveys tell a glowing story of intellectual and creative stimulation, year after year. The positive feedback praises our sense of excitement, community support and relevance of teaching content. We are passionately committed to our fields of expertise and to our teaching program.

Our academic team has extensive knowledge of historical theories and practices and contemporary contexts, as well as unrivalled professional industry contacts. We contribute to the development of future trends in theatre and performance.

Teaching environment

Theatre and Performance is friendly and inclusive, across undergraduate, honours, masters, PhD and postdoctoral streams. We offer a rich and supportive environment for study and research. Students get to work with a wide range of internal and external experts. There are regular guest artist presentations and forums, visiting directors and producers, and lots of opportunities for discussion and debate.

We have a vibrant performance program, offered primarily at the Clayton campus. Our resources include:

  • 200 seat capacity Performing Arts Centre
  • 60 seat ‘black box’ rehearsal room,
  • Dance studio
  • Performances in the state of the art Alexander Theatre
  • A yearly cabaret in the Ian Potter Arts Centre

International opportunities

We have international links, with scholars, researchers and practitioners from a host of countries, institutions and fields of expertise. It is common for students to study overseas for a semester or two. Most students who undertake international exchanges end up in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe or Asia. Artist-in-residence programs currently attract theatre practitioners from across the world.

Career opportunities

Theatre and Performance graduates pursue a huge range of creative and cultural roles, including: acting, directing and stage managing for theatre companies, becoming independent theatre artists, composers, theatre administrators, arts journalists and marketers, teachers and academics, festival directors and arts administrators, scriptwriters and arts related public relations people.

You can choose to undertake further study in vocational drama schools and/or specialised training. Several of our past students have subsequently studied at the National Institute for the Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and pursued postgraduate directing, writing and theatre making degrees at VCA and WAPPA . Some have established their own theatre companies. Others join community arts and cultural organisations. All contribute significantly to the cultural and creative life of the many places they choose to call home.

Through our teaching program you will acquire excellent oral and written communications skills, the ability to work collaboratively and think on your feet. Our students leave with a critical framework and language, with capability develop their own products. From writing winning grant proposals to ad-libbing on stage, our graduates are well equipped to survive and thrive in the performing arts industry.

Each year we run highly successful Presentation Skills units to students from all over the university. The overwhelming feedback from these students is that studying with CTP has not only enriched their ability to communicate effectively for their future jobs, but has been a highlight of their university time, teaching them not only creativity, innovation and confidence, but also nurturing them in a supportive teaching environment.

How to apply

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