Peer Mentoring Program for new Arts students


The Peer Mentor Program is designed for all students transitioning into the Arts Faculty.

Whether you are a student commencing university for the first time, or a student transferring from another Faculty or University, having a mentor/guide at the start of your journey with Arts can help relieve some of the pressures of the first few weeks and months.

The aim of the Arts Peer Mentor Program is to pair you with a second or third year student who has experienced the challenges of transitioning themselves so that they can pass on their knowledge to you.

Monash University, is a big place and sometimes it is hard to find the right place to get the help and advice you need. This is why a mentor is so important. A mentor can assist with answering your questions and give you tips on everything from “what is the difference between lectures, seminars and tutorials” to “where is the best coffee on campus?”, and introduce you to new people.

As well having your own mentor, you will be invited to social events, study skill sessions, receive a regular newsletter and also be invited to join a facebook page to help you connect with other Arts students.

The program is open to both domestic and international undergraduate Arts students at Caulfield and Clayton campuses.

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  • Registration is open for the full academic year.
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Ali Khan – Bachelor of Arts Student & PAL Peer 2016

It is amazing to be in University and increase your knowledge through professional and very helpful teachers. However, the first semester of University is always distressing. You are afraid of the new challenges, environment, and the entire system which is different from school. When I came to Monash, I was well aware of my course and the upcoming challenges. However, the most concerning thing for me was the fear of being lonely. As a human being we all depend on one another. Especially when we are new in a place, we need friends and supporters to help us settle. I needed someone to show me the buildings, library, introduce me to the IT system, and someone who would tell me about all the fun events at Monash.

Monash University is a fantastic place, not only for its professional staff but also for the level of support given to the students. When I attended the orientation day, I discover about the Peer Mentoring Program (PAL) program. I signed up for the program and later I got a call from my Peer Mentor. She is a young and talented student of Journalism. She helped me with the transition and most importantly we became good friends. PAL program is a great support for new students at Monash. I learned effective and efficient ways of handling the university pressure, completing my assignments before the due date, time management, library programs and about university events. I would recommend all of you to join PAL program. It will not only help you to manage the university stress and accomplish good results but also provide you with an experienced friend.